Meant For Me

from by NPC3

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What you fail to see, ain't nobody in the game makin' major green, unless you dealin' wit the major leagues,
Even then you can still get played by the major schemes the label dreams,
Snakes stay faker than Maybelline, nay say my team,
Everybody thinkin' they can fade the three, but at the end of the day they all lame to me,
Reminiscin' bout back in the past, I'da never though that the rappin' would last,
Self doubt had me flat on my ass, addiction caused my passion to pass,
Cleaned up, then I mastered my craft, busted my ass to get the cash that I stacked,
Put it all back into the raps that I rap, then I got my own shit, made a plan of attack,
Had to mash on the gas, I'm a late bloomer, five years on the grind while I stayed true ta,
Every goal in my aim, but the pain, it remains and it stays in my brain like an innate tumor,
Fuckers keep judgin' us, but they just can't bust like us, and ain't nobody got no love for us,
But fuck them, cuz ain't a one of them muthafuckas touchin' us, who do you trust?
Plus fans get the wrong depiction, think we fly high like we on prescription,
But we broke, close to eviction, so the rich rap shit, we don't fit description,
Everybody wanna free CD but we don't live the dream you see on TV,
If we could, we would, believe me, but you don't realize ain't nothin' been easy,
Every cent that I spent's been about this, been a year since I bought a fuckin' outfit,
Tryin' to find a way to benefit up out this, ain't no way that you can say I ain't about shit,
Cuz even though I'm broke, I go for broke, and I won't choke because I hold to hope,
And I'm gon' roll till I'm comatose, and what, y'all don't know that our flow is dope?
You can feel what I mean when I rap, call me Keitel when I clean up a track,
And if I have to, you can believe that I'ma go and put the muthafuckin' team on my back,
So whether we climb to the top or not, it's been a ride that I've not forgot,
And I ain't never gon' plot to stop, so you can watch, tick-tock, till the clock muthafuckin stops,


Hip hop's done a lot for me, ain't got a pocket full of green, but I'm off the streets,
No time for the block it seems, I got a squad that depends on me, they got me focusin' my energy,
In the lab tryin' to get it with the chemistry, but everybody wanna be an emcee,
Popularity fiends and make believe celebrities leave reachin' our dreams difficult to achieve,
But you can bet that we're buildin' a rep, rippin' up sets, leavin' other rappers lookin' upset,
Intimidated by the talent possessed, irritated when they hear we're the best, from an impressed audience,
But instead of gettin' respect for givin' it a hundred percent, we get treated like a pack of rejects for bein' a threat,
But I gotta confess, this music got me feelin' so blessed, it's like a fresh breath,
That I had to take, not a minute too late, mad in my craze I was wastin' my days,
Fadin' away to my grave wit no way to escape, I made a lot of mistakes just to plot on my fate,
But now I'm rockin' the stage, never really gettin' paid but the feeling's insane, such a rush that I can't explain,
It's like a drug pumpin' through my veins, straight up to my brain, I can't contain with a blank page,
Gotta express through the pen when I vent, not a trend, don't pretend to be them,
But instead I'm just me, and I hope you accept, but if not I regret to inform that I'm not gonna leave,
You tend to forget there's no stopping my team, I'm watchin' them plottin' but they can't compete,
Competition is weak and it seems that our peak can't be reached, still progressin' on Garlic Brown Beats,
Dedicated to makin' it happen, we demonstrated we never been slackin',
Generated a buzz that they're lackin' from anyone of us rappin', too devastatin' when snappin',
I can't imagine livin' not havin' a passion, but damnit I do,
I got a goal to pursue and subdue with the crew, gonna be holdin' the hope wit the Few,
Gotta continue to move and to prove that we're not gonna lose, Droppin' the dopest and keepin' it true for the birth of a new,
Found purpose, pumpin' out verses, underground but about to surface,
Puttin' my work in to get you to purchase tickets and merch wit, music it's worth it,
Never gonna quit even if I don't make it big, I wouldn't regret a moment of it, it's been a hell of a trip that I couldn't forget, but I'm thinkin' it's only the beginning when,

HOOK (x2)

No matter how far that we are from the stars, in my mind and my heart I always knew that,
This was meant for me, meant for me, meant for me,
This was meant for me, meant for me, meant for me, meant for me,
Just a matter of time, in the back of my mind, I knew when I finally got on my grind,
This was meant for me, meant for me, meant for me,
This was meant for me, meant for me, meant for me, meant for me,


from North Pole's Chosen Few, released July 22, 2013
Produced by Garlic Brown Beats
Engineered by Big Mo-Berg and Garlic Brown
Mixed and Mastered by Garlic Brown



all rights reserved


NPC3 Bemidji, Minnesota

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